The Process


We’ve broken the process into simplified step by step stages to share why PBS creates good client and candidate experiences with a successful outcome for all those involved.

  1. Performance Profile
  2. Talent Centric Sourcing
  3. Performance Evaluation Interview
  4. Assessment Matrix

Performance Profile – We take the time to understand your practice and career aspirations and identify what “top performance” within the practice and role looks like.

Talent Centric Sourcing – Our focus is to attract talent appropriately in what is a highly competitive and
often candidate driven market.

Performance Evaluation Interview(PEI) – developing a specific “evidence based” interview, we screen all our candidates to ensure their suitability before presenting to our clients, there is of course more science to this process but we can’t give everything away.

Assessment Matrix – Using the philosophy of past performance as an accurate indicator of future
performance, we gather behaviours and motivators demonstrated by candidates at interview stage to accurately assess their suitability to the role.

This is just a brief description of our process – If you feel you’ve been a bit disorientated find out more about PBS, contact us today.
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