Interview Techniques - Promoting Yourself Effectively
01 July 2012
The Purpose of Interviews
An interview is a two way communication process in which both the employer (the
practice) and the applicant (you) can assess each other for a common “fit” and
mutual benefits.
Remember the employer will have key requirements – you need to know what they
are if you are to present yourself as a solution. Not only that; you also want to know
whether or not this particular practice and role are right for you!
The practice first and foremost wants a solution to their problem and is looking for
someone who: has the skills and aptitude to meet their performance expectations, is
motivated to work within their practice, can fit into their existing team and culture,
can add value to the practice and who is affordable.

On the other hand you are looking to ensure that: the role, working environment,
working conditions, people, values & ethics, meet your requirements, that the role
will utilise and develop your skills and that the salary package meets your

Preparing for Interviews - The importance of preparation
Preparation is the single most important element determining interview
Remember you will be competing against people with similar qualifications, skills
and experience and therefore you need to differentiate yourself in order to stand
Know the practice, their needs and their culture and think about the benefits you
can offer and promote yourself in a way that sells your key benefits.
The principle reason candidates are unsuccessful at interview is the lack of
preparation. You are making a life changing decision – invest the time to get it right
– you only get one chance at each interview.
Remember interviews are unnatural situations – it is likely that you will be nervous
before and even during the interview, however preparing adequately, will allow you
to feel calmer and more confident.

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